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Whether you’re a diehard collector or simply a fan of movies, EyeCubed Media is an emporium of comics, new and vintage, from all your favourite superheroes, and genres. Located in the local area, we serve the general public as well as comic and graphic novel enthusiasts who trade and buy comics for pleasure.

Enter the world of the invisible 👁

our editions are rare items. If you’re in the hobby, we pride ourselves on offering fair and accurate prices and trades that benefit the whole comic community. We aim to please.

Exceptional Range of Comics

As well as creating an exceptional range of comics and graphic novels, we also create a selection of rare comics to cater to collectors from our many audiences. We have first editions, as well as female friendly comics that have captured a whole new audience in recent years. We care wholeheartedly about the comic community, so why not come down and visit us and see what comics you can enjoy.


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Comic Books

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